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Jim Heron
Project Historian .

Jim Heron, Project Historian for Beacon Institute, is an author, historian and popular public speaker perhaps most well-known for his book titled.Denning’s Point, A Hudson River History, released by Blackdome Press in 2006.  

After retiring from the active Episcopal priesthood in 2003, Heron began a second career at the Institute, researching the history of Denning's Point for what was originally intended to be a brief historical pamphlet for visitors. The results of his research revealed an unexpectedly rich and dramatic history. 

Two of the more stunning surprises were the proof of prehistoric habitation on Denning's Point and the proof that Alexander Hamilton had both resided on Denning's Point and wrote significant letters and editorials during that time with themes that found their way into the Constitution. Perhaps most significantly, Jim uncovered the story of the people who walked Denning's Point throughout her history — from prehistoric humans, Native Americans, European settlers, Revolutionary War soldiers, extravagant owners of the 1800s, industrial barons, to recent salvation by way of the purchase of Denning's Point by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

A consummate story-teller and public speaker, Heron holds a doctoral degree from Drew University and has taught at both high school and college level institutions. He is available for public outreach presentations about the history of Denning’s Point. 

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